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The world will carry on even after you’re dead…

December 27, 2010

Earlier this year, in my post called The Question of Thai Military I wrote, among other things, the following lines: “It would indeed take an act of revolutionary change to put the military meddling in politics to the end. I am not fully convinced that current red shirt movement, or its remnants that were not forced underground, will ever be able to become an agent of such a thorough upheaval.
I am inclined to say it would take many years and numerous elections till the majority of the population, regardless its social standing, fully realizes that they have had been lied and bluffed for many decades. One-sided, reactionary propaganda is too embedded in this society.”

I am not going to speculate whether there were no civilians shot or wounded by the Royal Thai Army during April and May protests, but I can’t fail to mention the pitifully ridiculous Colonel  Sansern “Seh Kai Ou” Kaewkamnerd of “panda eyes” fame who once said:“Never think you are better than anyone else, because the world will carry on even after you’re dead.”

It has to be noted – Col. Sansern is no more than an unimportant army fop. It’s not him. Indeed, many would say the military has already been implicated. But alas… any military only mirrors the society it operates within. It’s the society, in its entirety, that has to be blamed. For many decades Thais have been living in the bubble of ‘societal rightfulness’, where traditions, real or perceived, matter the most, where seniority is sacred, where independence of thought is seen as vulgar and open criticism socially unacceptable.

And as a consequence, certain sectors of Thai society will perhaps need to learn to learn a new set of skills. They’re called honest self-criticism and higher self-awareness. It’s not easy as it takes time and effort. Some will never learn and will fall by the wayside. Some others can’t learn anymore as they belong to the past. Some of them will be remembered and forgiven. Some will be condemned and punished.

But I can’t read the future. It’s something I’ve never learned. I can only fight my doubts and hope for the best, and for the justice. And I can’t do any worse than quoting myself again:Thai society will change forever. It will either truly democratize, or militarize yet further. There will be no middle ground left. And no reds, nor yellows either. Only people left to their own devices.”

People indeed die if shot. Just don’t blame the Colonel. He couldn’t say anything else. Blame all his bosses. From the bottom…to the top…


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  1. Although your post is specifically about the revolution of Thailand, it rings true with what is going on in the Arabian revolution happening now! This wave of democratic uprisings has inspired so many nations living under tyranny to speak out against their oppressive regimes. The stricter the control of information sources such as the Internet, the greater the sentiment to overcome and circumvent such restrictions. Hopefully this year will see several more countries of the world overcome oppression and embrace democracy!

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