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Witch’s cat

June 20, 2010

Suranand Vejjajiva thinks that ” Thai Government needs no PR, it needs substance – product must be good first for PR to work.”  Well, nothing to argue about here. This is my 5-points reconciliation plan. Just in case …

Thai Government should: (1) admit the 90 deaths that occurred during its tenure could have been avoided, (2) acknowledge they are all in over their heads with the military, (3) offer its deepest condolences to families of deceased, whoever they were, (4) announce a date for early election, and (5) trudge along without spouting absurdities about how everything’s back to normal and that it’s good to love each other. Instead it should quit. Resigning without delay will be the best possible PR for this toad-like government that had been living in the incubator since its unsightly conception.

But somehow I do not believe this will happen. Quitting without fight is not in script for this government. Stay Strong is the verso of what Reconciliation is the recto. Two pages taken from book of witchcraft spells. And your cousin Abhisit is the witch’s cat in disguise. But he won’t ever learn to talk to the dead.


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