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The question of Thai military

June 14, 2010

A fellow twitterer David B. believes  the Thai military shouldn`t be allowed to interfere in politics and business in Thailand.

I agree with him wholeheartedly. In the same breath I would add we should remember that Thailand`s guided pseudo democracy had always been subjected to behind the scenes, or at times blatant interference by military circles. This is as far as we would probably agree with each other.
It would indeed take an act of revolutionary change to put the military meddling in politics to the end. I am not fully convinced that current red shirt movement, or its remnants that were not forced underground, will ever be able to become an agent of such a thorough upheaval.
I am inclined to say it would take many years and numerous elections till the majority of the population, regardless its social standing, fully realizes that they have had been lied and bluffed for many decades. One-sided, reactionary propaganda is too embedded in this society.
As it happens, there is a catch that may upset the current status quo. The rehearsal of Catch-22 scenario was undoubtedly staged once already, when the stock exchange analysts were charged under a controversial and wide-ranging computer crimes law (Simon Montlake, Correspondent of The Christian Science Monitor / November 8, 2009 ). When it re-emerges, the Thai society will change forever. It will either truly democratize, or militarize yet further. There will be no middle ground left. And no reds, nor yellows either. Only people left to their own devices.

Sunday 13th June 2010


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