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Reform or implosion

June 14, 2010

Earlier today I stated that perestroika showed that it was impossible to reform the system. This led to revolutions of 1989, or Collapse of Communism in Eastern bloc countries. It is possible to achieve a positive change.

Poland, Hungary, East Germany, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria transformed their regimes to such an extent that new generations have no notion what communism stood for anymore. Communism fell because it was ideologically, morally and economically bankrupt.

It is quite remarkable that China after its own failed protests at Tiananmen Square actually managed to reform and strengthen the system, mostly through economic reforms. Chinese system is in fact quite heavy-handed in the ideological and nationalist sense. Tibet riots of 2008 and Ürümqi riots a year later, both suppressed by Chinese police and army show that it is easy for totalitarian regime to distort news coverage, and that`s why the Thai events of 2010 are so unsettling.

Did the red shirts really want to overthrow the regime, or was it just two great mafia networks fighting each other as I stated earlier elsewhere? Now, when the shootings and arson slowly move into background I pronounce clearly: both was and is correct, and it yet remains to be seen how it all pans out. The Kingdom of Thailand, its representatives, both elected and unelected, along with the common people discussing events with distaste, anger or fear, is in a state of deep schism.
There will be next round. People will show their true colours. They will show whether they are Bhumibolists, Chakrists, royalists (New Mandala, On Bhumibolists and Royalists, May 21st, 2010), or that they simply do not care. That time has not yet come.

Saturday 12th June 2010


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