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Being an eyewitness feels like a black magic

June 14, 2010

Again, my first thoughts belong to the country I never thought I`d be living in. It seems there`s something in the air that makes foreigners lose inhibitions, act unpredictably, insensibly, foolishly, completely nuts. Or are the foreigner just poor victims of black magic of some kind that makes them pronounce half truths, or even utter lies, just to be able to carry on staying here?

Andrew Buncombe of The Independent stated in his article “Eyewitness: Under fire in Thailand” yesterday: “Precisely which positions the firing was coming from was unclear and why the troops would be shooting so widely, with so little caution, was unclear. Was it coming from snipers or from the regular troops? It seems almost certain it was coming from the troops.”

It was a captivating reading. “Pressing, vital questions need to be answered by the highest levels”, continued Andrew. Today, a new article, “Thailand to investigate shootings inside Buddhist temple” appeared. And in it… BANG!!!

“The facts, I would say, are very contested. There’s an information gap and the full picture is still emerging,” said Benjamin Zawacki, of Amnesty International. “Obviously it’s critical to determine who it was doing the firing. Whoever has the finger pointed at them has a lot to lose politically.”

“Very contested….” Feeling…sick… Who`s going to do the investigation? Yes, sure. I am reminded just a few lines below: “Roger Normand, a senior spokesman of International Commission of Jurists, said: “Given the widely divergent versions of what happened during the clashes, it is essential for the government to undertake a credible, independent and impartial investigation otherwise political polarisation in Thailand will continue to deepen.”
Somewhere among blogs and tweets I read that Khunying Pornthip Rojanasunand M.D. of drowsing rod fame would say the protesters shot themselves. I hope whoever said that meant that just in jest.

I still believe Andrew thinks he was hit by shrapnel from troops side. I wish him speedy recovery. I just can`t get my head around Amenesty International statement. Perhaps they`re just being cautious. But then, maybe the black magic formula had taken its effect a long time ago here.

 Thursday 20th May 2010


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