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A long way to go

June 14, 2010

Some people think of need for a revolution. I would say there are two of them needed. The first one to uproot the feudal system and the other one to replace the totalitarian regime. What we witness now is still a feudal society with all its trappings. The Thaksin regime was a false dawn of a totalitarian regime, unsuccessfully trying to overhaul the ancient regime of deference and “put in their place-ism”. It is a real tragic reality for red shirts that the Communist movements across the world have totally discredited themselves over the last couple of decades. The last one standing has mutated into one party People`s Republic of China “enlightened free enterprise of consumerism”, where propaganda lines are strictly followed and dissent silenced. It seems that Thailand is heading in this direction, with, or without Abhisit, or Democrat party. There is no need for election in current Thailand; the polls will not be free, nor without “vote buying”. There is need for free speech without ideological shackles, without vilifying “foreign interference, without self censorship. Thais have a long way to go.

Thursday 13th May 2010


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